Quick and jumbled

Well, this is gonna be quick because my laptop battery is dying and the power cord is all the way in the living room and Brian has a room full of people playing D&D out there.  (Yes, I am aware I’m married to a nerd.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.)  So I will leave you with a picture of Miss showing you her “happy face.”

And one of Buster shrieking with joy.
And now I’m going to get back to my hot chocolate and Friends DVD.  Aren’t I exciting?  What fun things are you doing tonight?

5 thoughts on “Quick and jumbled

  1. I got to go grocery shopping solo! Woo hoo! Went to 2 different grocery stores and took advantage of the best deals and used my coupons. When I got home Jonathan said, "Bet you never thought you'd be grocery shopping on a Friday night!"

  2. oh my gosh! we lead the same life! richie totally gets together with his "fiends" and plays D&D like every other week, and what am i doing? watching friends in my room! 😀

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