Cousins and dinosaurs

Remember last year when Kari had her baby and I went to visit and Kirsta kept Kalena for a few days?  (You can read about it here and here.)  Well, back in August I returned the favor.  (Yes, this should have been posted a LONG time ago.)  After visiting Denver for Amelia’s first birthday, Patrick came home with us for the week.  We had some fun at the house, but the highlight of the week was, of course, the dinosaur museum.  
Patrick was afraid before we even went in.  I shouldn’t have been surprised considering how scared he was by the Butterfly Pavilion when Kirsta took him there.  Here he is hiding in the basket of the stroller. He told me it was “safe” down there.  Okay…
He looks indifferent in this picture.  What you can’t see is how he is holding on to me for DEAR LIFE.  He squeezed tighter the closer I got to that T-Rex model.  
Kalena being excited about “digging” for dinosaur bones.  (She is wet from playing in the water table.)

Brian is showing the kids how to be scared by the earthquake table.  

Has anyone ever taken a good picture of three two year olds?

Patrick seemed to enjoy it after a bit.  He informed us all afterward the the “big dinosaur” was his favorite.  Anyway, it was a fun week.  And maybe when they’re here over Thanksgiving Patrick will be able to enjoy the dinosaurs without thinking they’re going to come alive and eat him.  Or maybe we’ll just skip it.  
I feel like I post a lot about Dinosaur Journey, but it’s probably the place we go most often.  Do your kids have a favorite outing?

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