Hey, ‘member back when I made you all vote on Brian’s hair?  And everybody voted for him to keep it short but he wanted to grow it out and since he doesn’t listen to my blog readers (even though he should) he grew it out for awhile.  But then it got to that annoying too long and not long enough in-between stage (annoying to him, not me) and he couldn’t stand it anymore so he cut it all off.  Not before I made him take a picture for posterity of course.  And by posterity I mean my blog.
Here’s the long and crazy.  Brian thinks it was longer than the last time he grew it out, but it didn’t seem as long to me.  (You:  DON’T CARE.)
I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted this, but it’s the best one I have since he cut it.  
There you have it.  And now I’m going to go watch some TV before I pass out.  Anybody want to bring me some NoDoz so I can make it through tomorrow until Brian gets home?

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