This post is not at all related to Thanksgiving

Remember when I told you that I had my annual Thanksgiving week cold?  Well, Kalena got it this year too.  It hasn’t dampened her spirits much, but she has developed a bit of a cough.  In fact, enough of a cough that she woke up a couple nights ago coughing so hard it was making her gag.

This is where I take a little detour and tell you that when we first moved into the house we all got a stomach bug.  Like, literally the first night we spent here Kalena threw up all night.  Over and over and over.  (Why do people carpet bathrooms?  WHY?)  She was good about recognizing the feeling and when she was about to throw up she would tell us she needed to “‘pit a-potty” or spit in the potty if you can’t translate.  It was a miserable few days and I hope we never have to do it again.  Or, since that may be too much to ask, I hope that next time I’m not sick at the same time as both the kids on a day Brian is out of town.  AWFUL.

Back to the story at hand.  When she woke up the other night coughing we got her out of bed and Brian watched some cartoons with her while I ran to the store to find anything age-appropriate to give her.  But while she waited, anytime she started coughing hard she would tell Brian that she needed to “‘pit a-potty” because she recognized that gagging feeling.  She didn’t ever throw up (thankfully) but it made me feel bad that the stomach bug made such an impression on her.  What two year old recognizing gagging WEEKS after being sick?  Apparently throwing up approximately one million times is memorable, even at two.  

2 thoughts on “This post is not at all related to Thanksgiving

  1. Haha Laura, I was JUST going to say the same thing! She probably has a crazy fear of throwing up and now it will haunt her for life. And even if she does turn out normal and forgets this story, I will forever remember it because yes, I am a freak.

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