Adjective of the day

These days Kalena seems to know one adjective: green.  Green is used not only to describe all colors, but pretty much to describe EVERYTHING.  Green show = any show she might like.  Green shirt = clean shirt (also, any shirt other than the one I’ve just offered her.)  Green room = other room.  It’s pretty awsome.  Conversations go like this:

Me: Where is daddy?  Here?
Kalena: No.  Green room!

Me: Do you want to wear this shirt?
Kalena: No, GREEN shirt!

Me: Which plate do you want for dinner?
Kalena: Green plate!
Doesn’t matter that I’ve offered her a choice between the purple plate and the orange plate.

And yes, she is always very enthusiastic about the green.  I know she’ll outgrow it soon enough, but it’s fun right now.

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