Five Food Facts

Okay, these aren’t really food facts, they’re really just facts about me and food.  Some of my quirks.  Because why not end NaBloPoMo with something completely random?

1)  I don’t prepare food on directly on the counter.  Ever.  I know some people who make sandwiches or butter toast without a plate.  I am not those people.

2)  I rarely eat directly from the container.  (The obvious exception being single serving containers.)  I put my chips on a plate; I put my ice cream in a bowl; I even eat goldfish crackers out of a little dish.

3) I don’t serve from pots and pans at the table.  Either things get dished to plates in the kitchen, or everything gets put in serving dishes and put on the table.  I just don’t like the way pots and pans on the table looks.

4) I always, ALWAYS grate my own cheese.  Pre-grated cheese is a) more expensive and b) gross.  Plus it doesn’t melt right.  (Okay, pre-grated mozzarella is alright.  But never cheddar!)

5)  I rarely buy pre-made cookie dough because I think cookies from scratch are SO much better, but I almost always use box mixes for cakes and brownies.  I guess I’m just to lazy to make those from scratch?

Any random food facts you want to share?

3 thoughts on “Five Food Facts

  1. I'm pretty much the same as you on all those! Weird. I also always store things in the fridge in tuperware. I cook it in a pan, serve it on the table in a dish, and then move it to a tuperware for the fridge, instead of just covering the dish with foil.

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