It’s December already!

And since it’s December I decided we ought to put the tree up.  I got out some of the Christmas decorations last week, but I was waiting on Brian to help me get the tree put up.  (As much as I LOVE real Christmas trees, it’s not worth the hassle right now and we already own an artificial tree.)  Then I realized that Brian wasn’t really interested in helping me put up the tree (he would have, he just wouldn’t have been thrilled about it) so I got it out today while he was at work.

Kalena is in love with all the ornaments, she keeps handing me things and saying, “Dis go onna tree.”  She got into the spirit with a Santa hat, but try as I might I couldn’t get a good picture of her in it.  She was enthralled with a little music box that plays jingle bells and has a train that goes “roun’ and roun'” (that’s what she’s playing with in the picture.)  She’s broken one ornament so far (a glass ball) and the tree isn’t even decorated yet, so I’m seriously considering which ornaments will actually be going on the tree this year.  If it’s expensive, especially sentimental, or breakable I’m guessing it will be staying packed up.  Bring on the stuffed snowmen and indestructible plastic ornaments!  Also, I think I need some silver garland stuff since I refuse to put tinsel on a fake tree.  I love tinsel, but that stuff is always a mess.  At least with a real tree it all gets thrown out with the tree.

Kalena with Santa hat and music box.

Seriously, you have to take a picture right now?  I’m in the middle of playing with this awesome thing.

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