Story of the day

Today Kalena was asking for her cousins to come over.  First she asked for Espen, then when I told he wasn’t coming today she asked for Patrick.  I told her that Patrick wouldn’t be coming for awhile because his momma is going to have another baby.  Then I asked if she thought her momma should have another baby (just to see her reaction, NOT announcing or implying anything here.)  She thought about it and looked at me and said, “No. Miss like Busta Bown.”  (That’s Buster Brown, our nickname for Will.)  I had to laugh at the two year old logic.  She doesn’t want another baby because she likes the one we have.  I guess she thought we’d have to trade him in.

Someday, when they fight all the time, I’ll read this to her so that she knows that there was a time when she did actually want him around.

2 thoughts on “Story of the day

  1. "A Muppet's Christmas Carol" finally arrived in the mail, so while openeing it I was explaining who the characters are, including Miss Piggy. Patrick said, "OH! Like cousin Kalena is Miss!" He misses her, too 🙂

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