You wouldn’t believe how much this is annoying me

My hands are dry.  Like really, REALLY dry.  Like, most of my fingers have painful little splits in the skin.  It’s a combination of the dry climate and all the dish washing (we don’t have a dishwasher, have I mentioned that?) and the cold has just made it worse.  Anyway, lotion isn’t doing much and did I mention these things hurt?  So today I put a little neosporin and band aids on the worst two, which happen to be on my first two fingers on my right hand.  And that’s when I discovered that I pretty much can’t use my mouse pad with bandaged fingers.

I LOVE that macs let you scroll with two fingers (in fact, I always try to do that when I’m using other laptops) but as it turns out it’s not so easy to scroll with my ring finger and pinkie.  Also, turns out I’m not very good with my left hand.

So, does anyone have a recommendation for a great hand cream?  Or want to come over and wash my dishes every day?

11 thoughts on “You wouldn’t believe how much this is annoying me

  1. I definitely do not want to do your dishes.I will, however, take a ballet class for adults with you and take you (finally) to Bikram yoga if you move to San Francisco.Also, you're gonna want Eucerin. The kind that comes in a round, squat container (as opposed to the typical hand lotiony looking bottle).

  2. Elsha,I have the same problem!!! I have for years, and yes, it's painful. I have tried every hand cream out there. I've even been to a dermatologist for it. The Avon stuff works best for me. It's cheaper than the Aquafor and Eucerin, but less convenient b/c you have to order it. But it really does work. On a WAY more expensive note…we just moved into our new house in San Antonio where we've installed a water softener. 5 days with soft water has totally cleared my hands up. I guess that was money well spent?! You probably don't have super hard water in Colorado though, do you?

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