Pretty in pink

One of my sister’s friends recently gave her a huge box of girl’s clothes.  But, since the clothes were all 3T and bigger and my niece is only 17 months old and a teeny tiny little thing, Kari passed them on to me.  Kalena will wear them for now and then they’ll go back to Amelia when she’s a little bigger.  You know, in 5 or 6 years.  (She’s TINY!)  
I love getting clothes from other people because I always end up with at least a few things that I LOVE but would never buy.  
Like a little pink trench coat.
And pink cowboy boots.

Kalena has recently discovered that some clothing has pockets!  And she can put stuff in them!  SO!  GREAT!  (She really likes pockets.)

Now if I just got a huge box of boys clothes in Will’s size I’d be all set.

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