Biggest Blogging Loser

The results are in, and it looks like people want to hear about all this weight loss business.  First of all, if you click that Biggest Blogging Loser link over there on the side you can check out all 109 contestants.  And the jackpot we’re all competing for.  (It’ll be split 70/30 between the top two losers.)

Now.  Here’s the first weigh in number.  (From last week.)

As much as I’d like to blame some of that on the kiddos (and by some I mean like 30 lbs) that’s actually not much more than I weighed at the end of college.  That’s about what I weighed when I got pregnant with Will and actually a little less than when I got pregnant with Kalena.  
I’m 5’4″ and according to most charts that’s already in a healthy weight range.  That weight also puts me in the healthy BMI category.  BUT.  I don’t feel healthy.  I was always pretty small growing up; I weighed just over 100 lbs when I started college.  However, 4 years of unhealthy habits didn’t do good things for me.  (And, weirdly enough, I was an inch shorter when I started college.)  I probably ate my weight in papa john’s garlic butter during those years.  (Mmmmm.  Garlic butter.)  And I mostly quit working out, something I’d been doing 5 or 6 days a week during high school.  So I put on about 10 lbs a year for all 4 years of college.  And then I put on a little more between the time I moved to Texas and getting pregnant with Kalena.  I’ve done weight watchers a couple of times (after Kalena was born and after Will was born) but both times I’ve quit around the time I hit 140 lbs.  (I wouldn’t have quit the first time, but that’s when I got pregnant with Will.  They pretty much frown on losing weight while you’re pregnant.)
ANYWAY.  The good news, for me anyway, is that I don’t struggle with maintaining a weight.  Between the last time I quit weight watchers and the first weigh in for BBL I gained about 2 lbs.  That means 3 months of not working out or watching what I ate.  Those months included Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the food that goes along with that, plus I ate all my Christmas candy before the start of the competition so it wasn’t around to tempt me.  All that and I put on 2 lbs.  Once I get to a weight I just tend to stay there, give or take a few pounds.  On the flip side, that means I have to make a serious effort if I want to lose weight.  And now I am.  So here’s today’s weigh in:
So far, so good.

4 thoughts on “Biggest Blogging Loser

  1. 2.5 lbs in a week?! Off to a great start!I have a weird thing about candy (and by candy I mean mostly chocolate) laying around. Some twisty logic that says it's better if I eat it all as quickly as possible so that it's not around for me to eat. Makes sense right?

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