Apparently there are many things that Will doesn’t want

Here’s a brief list of the things I’m pretty sure Will doesn’t want:

Me to have a clean kitchen.  He gets out all the pots and pans anytime I’m in there for more than about 20 seconds.

Any younger siblings.  Otherwise why did he quit sleeping through the night?  He’s not up every night, but every time he gets up I think, “we are NEVER doing this again.”  Not sure how many consecutive nights of sleep I need before that attitude is going to change.

Me to get in shape.  He’s been waking up extra early and interrupting my workouts.  I already get up at 5 to work out.  Is it too much to ask that he sleep until 6:15?

To play by himself.  Luckily Kalena is a willing playmate most of the time.

To eat with a spoon.  He’ll attempt like 2 bites with a spoon than either throw it on the floor or bang it on his tray with one hand while he eats with the other.

To sleep without his bear.  EVER.  Heaven forbid he drop it out of the crib before he falls asleep.  Oh the wailing!

It’s a good thing he’s cute.

4 thoughts on “Apparently there are many things that Will doesn’t want

  1. Brian doesn't like the newborn stage, but I am not so much a fan of about 12-16 months. I mean, there are good parts but mostly they're just very destructive and don't listen and you can't punish them.

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