More Kalena

Yesterday Kalena put her Hulk toy in time out.  She kept telling me, “That guy sit in time out.”  (Although, “time out” sounds a lot like “tie nap” when she says it.)  Anyway, I couldn’t figure out who she meant, but when I turned around there was the Hulk, standing on the time out chair.  When I asked why he was in time out she said, “He no hit Miss” (meaning he shouldn’t hit her.)  (By the way, for Laura, and anyone else who was wondering, we call Kalena “Miss” and Will “Buster” like 95% of the time, so that’s why Kalena uses those names.)  She must recognize how strict we are with hitting around here.  It’s the only thing that gets her sent straight to time out without a warning first.  I did think it was a little funny that it was the Hulk that ended up in time out.  I mean, of all her toys, he is *probably* the one most likely to be hitting…

Anyway, a couple other funny things she does that I missed the other day:

When you give her something she says, “Thank you.  You welcome.”  Like it’s all one response.

She does the can’t reach something fake out.  Ever pretended to stretch for something and then said you can’t reach it?  Well apparently we do it a lot because Kalena has picked it up.  She’ll lean away and then hold out her arm and say, “Miss can’t reach it!” in her best strained voice.  It’s hilarious.

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