Time for some complaining

So.  P90X.  Have you heard of it?  I knew of it, vaguely, before my brother recommended it to Brian and I.  (We were asking for the advice, he wasn’t just randomly telling us we needed to work out.  (Although, he wouldn’t have been wrong.))  And I always take fitness advice from my brother because he’s probably the most in shape person I know.  Also, he gave us a set of the DVDs to use so that was a big motivator.

Anyway, so far so good.  Except.  I really don’t like the yoga video.  It has almost no beginner modifications and has some poses that beginners really shouldn’t be doing.  In fact, it has some poses that *I’m* not comfortable doing even though I’ve been doing yoga (on and off) since I was 17.  (I don’t need the beginner modifications, I’m just complaining about them because every other workout has modifications and this one doesn’t.  Okay fine, the ab ripper video doesn’t have modifications either and I should complain about that one because ohmyheavens I need some there.)  ANYWAY.  I think in the future we’ll be subbing in another yoga workout for the P90X one.  And for anyone thinking of doing P90X in the future, you shouldn’t be doing shoulder stands unless you’ve got LOTS of yoga experience.

Now, on to the ab ripper video.  Oh MAN.  Kills me every time and I can’t even do like half the stuff.  It was kind of funny though, the first couple times I did this one I kept wondering why I was having such a hard time (WAY harder than the other workout stuff.)  Then I realized that I haven’t done ANY kind of ab workout since before Kalena was born.  Two pregnancies and one c-section.  Of COURSE my abs are shot.  I felt a little less pathetic after that.  Only a little though.  I’m still pretty pathetic.

4 thoughts on “Time for some complaining

  1. You should probably NOT use another yoga video and go to Bikram instead!Also – I really like the parenthesis inside the parenthesis. Sometimes it just feels so necessary and I always feel like it's not allowed! Now I think I will give myself permission.Also – Pathetic abs…you're going to LOVE my next blog post.

  2. It's a great workout! I recommend Cardio X as the sub to yoga…it has about 15 min of DO-ABLE yoga and then some of the other couple of workouts. Also Tony has an easier 45 min yoga video out.

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