Weekly weigh in

I’m only down 1.2 lbs this week.  There are many things I could blame that on.  The trip to Dairy Queen on Saturday, having hamburgers Friday night instead of the weight watchers recipe we had originally planned, the fact that I skipped two workouts.  OH WELL.
For those of you who are wondering, here’s what I’m doing in terms of diet: eating less.  HA!  I know that is like the most generic way to diet, but that’s what works for me.  Specifically, I’ve stopped making desserts (and don’t think that brownie mix isn’t calling my name) and I quit snacking.  I know the idea behind lots of small meals instead of three big ones, but if I snack?  I eat many, MANY more calories than I would otherwise.  I found that out when I was doing weight watchers.  Most days I ate close to half my points as snacks.  It’s because I don’t like healthy snacks.  If my choices are carrot sticks or nothing, I’ll pick nothing every time.  So nothing it is.  I have a hard time not snacking in the morning because we eat breakfast so early, so most days I have a diet soda (or energy drink) while Will is napping.  The caffeine helps curb my appetite.  And I KNOW that is not the healthiest way to do things. And once I’m done losing and go back to maintaining I’ll just go back to snacking.  

I’m no good at the diets that exclude stuff.  As soon as you tell me I CAN’T have something it’s all I want.  That is probably why weight watchers works well for me.  Anyway.  It’s a new week, so I’m back to being good.  Right after the cake I’m going to eat tonight.

4 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in

  1. I actually think a pound a week is a very reasonable and healthy amount of weight loss unless you're like 400 lbs to begin with. If you're losing crazy amounts you're probably doing things you can't sustain…like not snacking. Not to sound all lecturish, but you know that your metabolism slows down when you space your meals out, right?Anyway, you're doing awesome. A little Dairy Queen here and a little hamburger there has to happen. That's just life.

  2. I really like the three meal a day plan too, i don't even know how people have time to snack! If I do need a snack I love almonds with dried cranberries. If you eat one of each at the same time it is sweet like candy, but the almonds fill you up!

  3. I like the diet drink plan – it's what I had for dessert in college when I was trying to lose some pounds. Now it's what I plan on having at night since I've gotten in the habit of snacking late (and always with stuff life ice cream). It's a treat with no calories! And I ALWAYS look forward to soda, so it feels indulgent. If that's a bad habit, so be it!

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