Weaned. Or: Well that was easy.

At the beginning of January Will was still nursing 4 times a day.  First thing in the morning, before each nap, and before bed.  I figured he’d still be nursing for a few months at least.  But a few weeks into January it was obvious that he was quickly losing interest in nursing.  I dropped the morning feeding with no struggle.  He still didn’t seem very interested though.  When he nursed before his naps he was distracted, nursing for only a minute or two before quitting, or worse, biting me instead of nursing at all.  So I dropped those feedings, again without a struggle.  No crying, no asking to nurse (wanting to nurse was pretty much the only time he’d sign) no nothing.  And when it was down to just the bedtime feeding things seemed pretty good.  He was interested and happy to nurse then.

Then one night I had a thing to go to with my mom that started at 6:30, so Brian had to put the kids to bed. Will had some milk from his sippy cup and went to sleep without a fight.  He nursed as usual the next night, but after that he refused.  I offered and he wouldn’t nurse at all.  And that was it.  I offered for a few nights but he wasn’t interested.  So we’re done.  I really expected a little more drama, but I definitely happy things turned out the way they did.  I’m also glad I can take whatever medicine I want for this stupid cough.

4 thoughts on “Weaned. Or: Well that was easy.

  1. I love nursing, but it is always a relief to have my body back! I was thrilled that neither of my girls put up a real fight about weaning, they both pretty much did it on their own also!

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