Who needs sleep?

You guys.  Last night was awful.  Brian and Kalena both have a nasty cough, and Will kept crying on and off.  So between waking up to someone coughing and waking up to Will crying, I was awake like a million times.  Seriously a million.  (Well, like half a million BEFORE I went to sleep on the couch so Brian wouldn’t wake me up anymore and half a million after.  Turns out the kids are a lot louder when you’re just outside their bedrooms than they are through the monitor.)  And Will?  Will was crying IN HIS SLEEP.  I know because I checked on him.  Then Kalena spent all day crying at the drop of a hat (as she is wont to do when she’s sick) and Will was unhappy unless I was holding him (and his bear) and sometimes not even then.  I’m hoping tonight is better since no sleep + extra whiny sick kids = a LONG day.

P.S.  To whoever gave us this cold?  I hate you.

P.P.S.  If we get the stomach bug that also seems to be going around?  I am going to scream.

3 thoughts on “Who needs sleep?

  1. Sick kids are the WORST… so I'd really appreciate it if you nursed them back to perfect health before we come this weekend, OK? Fortunately (for you) the tables have turned and my kids are all healthy as horses (assuming those horses are healthy, of course), so we plan on lots o' hanging out.

  2. If winter could just be OVER, I'd certainly appreciate it. Like now. I'm sick of being sick. (and you being sick) šŸ™‚ Hope everyone feels better soon and you don't catch it! Here's my best advise- don't touch your face!!

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