Weekly Weigh In

Apparently the “have a horrible cold, lay around the house all day and live on ramen and fast food” diet worked for me last week.

The plan was to start back on P90X today, but Brian still has his hacking cough, so we’re holding off for a little longer.  By the way, it turns out I’m not so good at motivating myself to workout at 5 am alone.  It’s hard enough to do when Brian is going to get up with me.  But when I know he’s not going to?  Yeah, not so much.  Hopefully we’ll be back on track soon though.  I’d hate to have to say that my cold was the cause of my most successful week of Biggest Blogging Loser.

P.S.  That puts me at a total weight loss of 9.6 lbs.  So, almost halfway there!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. That's at least a bonus for feeling lousy while you were sick! Bob and I want to start P90X after I have the baby…I'm sure someone will have to drag us BOTH out of bed!

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