Time for the weekly weigh in!

Still on the right track I suppose.  Although, all the dark chocolate I’ve been eating today probably isn’t the best for weight loss.  ANYWAY.  
We didn’t start P90X today.  Because….it’s Valentine’s Day?  I know, worst excuse ever.  Tomorrow.  Because we’ve got to start again sometime.  
When do you work out?  Right now my choices are: 5 am (our current top choice) while both kids nap in the afternoon (although, that doesn’t always happen) or after the kids go to bed (currently the only time I actually get to relax during the day.)  I wish the kids would just sleep until like 8, so we could work out at 6:30 and still be finished before they got up.  Pretty sure that’s never going to happen though.  Ugh.  I guess I have to stick with 5 am.

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