Too bad I’m not that cool

It’s been nice the last couple of days, so today we ventured out to the park.  We just live a few blocks away so it’s a pretty quick walk over.  (It would be quicker if I could cut straight through on our street.  Unfortunately it crosses a busy street with “No Pedestrian Crossing” signs all over, so you have to walk up to the next traffic light and use the crosswalk.)  It was a lovely day to be at the park and the kids very much enjoyed the playground.  Will especially loved the swings, and got to go down the slide for the first time.

What I did not so much enjoy was the fact that, apparently, winter is a popular time for tweens who think they’re really awesome to vandalize playground equipment.  Made me glad my kids don’t read yet.  My favorite was one from a girl (or a boy with REALLY feminine handwriting who draws hearts after his sentences) written on the slide.  It said “I want to get rich, buy a huge flat in London, get tattoos smoke lots of weed and LIVE” (and then there was a little heart– cute right?)  Seriously?  If you plan to move out of the country and smoke lots of weed, why not move somewhere where that is legal?  Also, seriously?  Get tattoos is a life goal?  Wow.  Tattoos and illegal drugs.  That’s some high aspirations right there.  Good thing this plan starts out with the foolproof “get rich” goal.  And, you know, no better way to make sure these “dreams” come true than to write them on a playground with a sharpie.

3 thoughts on “Too bad I’m not that cool

  1. One day I took Amelia to the park and some cool person had dumped a can of paint down the slide. Even if I had trusted that the paint was dry and was now just a reminder of how ghetto people are, there was a nice big puddle at the bottom of the slide. Really?!! Why?They probably were not rich, but had lots of tattoos and smoked lots of weed. 🙂

  2. I do not understand why teenagers things it's cool to ruin playground equipment?! Why in the world? I just don't get it. And you're right those are high aspirations. I at least wanted to get married at 18 and have ten kids. 😉

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