Weigh in

Apparently my goals for this week need to be:

1) Stay out of the microwave popcorn.

2) No seriously.  Stay away from the popcorn.  This is just getting sad.

3) That’s really all.  The girl scout cookies are gone.

3 thoughts on “Weigh in

  1. I ate a medium popcorn at the movie theater almost by myself this weekend, as well as about a half a roll of Thin Mints per day and I have maintained my weight. Sure you don't want to start running?

  2. My goal is to stay away from the mini candybars Joe's grandma saddled me with. They're Baby Ruths, I don't even LIKE baby Ruths! And yet I eat them… but we're tied! 134 lbs! So now you can try to beat ME, though I don't know who'll give the $1,ooo to the winner 😦

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