Say please!

All of a sudden Will is signing and saying please.  He just started up today (randomly) and now he’ll do it every time I ask.  He does the sign and “says” please along with it.  It’s more of a sound than a word, but he does it every time and it sounds like an imitation of Kalena’s “pwease.”  It’s pretty adorable.  And I’m remembering how hard it is to resist the adorableness of manners in a 15 month old.  He may be getting what he wants MUCH more often for awhile.

For the record, the is his second sign.  The only other one he does is milk.  It’s also his second word.  The only other word he says is mama.  He says that one QUITE clearly.  Also often.  Still no walking though.  Brian is convinced he’ll be reading us books before he walks.  I’m sure the walking (or not) will get discussed at Will’s 15 month appointment in a few weeks.  And, of course, a few weeks is a long time when you’re talking about developmental milestones.  
In other news, I’m talking about breakfast sandwiches at Food Lush today.
P.S.  Is it obnoxious that I link to my Food Lush posts?  Shameless self promotion and all that?

4 thoughts on “Say please!

  1. We're in the same boat with Amelia in that she pretty much gets whatever she asks for if it's followed with "Peas." It's just too cute! I love that you link to Food Lush. It gives me more to do!

  2. We are teaching Tate a little sign language too. He is 19 months and only says "Mama" and "Baba." He has just started speech therapy, though I don't really think he needs it. It's mostly to satisfy my mom. 🙂 He just took his first steps a couple weeks ago but still refuses to walk. It is so great to see them hit these new milestones!I think it's great to tell us when you've posted on Food Lush so then I can go over and read it.

  3. If I could be carried around wherever I want to go I'd be all about it, too. Can't blame a guy!I almost made those cookies you posted on food lush because I was out of eggs! But I was also out of milk, and that just doesn't fly around our house. "Milk" is one of Eli's 3 signs, and the only one he signs spontaniously. So I had to run to the store anyway, and now I can make whatever kind of cookies I WANT.

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