Final weekly weigh in

There it is.  Final number.  (For the contest anyway.  I’m still working on it.)  Twelve weeks, 10.2 lbs lost total.  Not as much as I wanted, but still decent.  And, of course, the before and after photos.

And there you have it.

10 thoughts on “Final weekly weigh in

  1. Were you still nursing in the "before" picture? There seems to be a discrepancy in your bra size 🙂 You look great, though! Overall noticably slimmer. 10 pounds can make a big difference on a small frame, so congrats! And keep up the good work!

  2. in reference to what your sisters said – unless you're like me and the boobs are the first place that goes. But it's amazing what ten lbs does on someone so small. You look great. Ten lbs looks like nothing on me.

  3. 15 pounds on my body meant the difference between a nearly full A cup and literally no boobs at call. Consider yourself lucky…And great job! You look great!Now go pick out a race to run with me. That'll take care of anything else you want to lose.

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