I let the kids play outside after dinner tonight for maybe 15 minutes.  They both got SO dirty that not only was bathing them a necessity, I now have to clean the bathroom floor and the tub.  I wasn’t aware two kids could accumulate that much dirt in 15 minutes.  Lesson learned.

Kalena’s favorite response to any question is: “something else.”  Well, it sounds more like “sompink else.”  This is before you even give her any options.  Kalena, what do you want for lunch?  “Sompink else.”  What do you want to do today?  “Sompink else.”

My dad taught Will that dinosaurs say, “Wooooo.”  That’s what he’ll say if you ask him, even though Kalena informs him otherwise every time.

We are starting to get the bills for all Will’s doctors visits re: the finger.  Two thoughts here.  1) Our insurance really sucks despite being insanely expensive.  2) I’m glad we hadn’t already spent our tax return money when this happened.

I am reading The Devil in the White City.  It may be the most interesting non-fiction book I’ve ever read.


6 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. One of Claire's stock responses is, "Probably not." It's both hilarious and totally aggravating. It's time for bed, Claire. "Um, probably not." ARGH.That book is SUCH an interesting one, isn't it? You'll love it.

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