Cake Pops

I posted at food lush today about my experience making cake pops.  But I wanted to tell you guys the non-cooking part.  After deciding we were going to make them, my mom and I were out picking up the stuff we would need.  There wasn’t much we didn’t have, just the candy melts and a can of frosting.  My mom said she was pretty sure she had some sucker sticks so we shouldn’t worry about those.

We got home and started rounding things up and my mom started looking for the sucker sticks.  Pretty soon she pulled a little baggie of sticks.  There were probably 30 or 40 sucker sticks so I figured that’s what she had been referring to.  She kept digging around in the cupboard, but I thought she just wanted to see what else was down there (she was in a cabinet full of stuff that doesn’t get used often.)  Then she pulled out this box:

And that label is correct.  There must be like a thousand sucker sticks in there.  And then?  She found ANOTHER box of them!

So yeah, we definitely didn’t need to buy any.  
P.S.  I know it seems kind of random that my mom has a gazillion lollipop sticks, but it’s because her parents used to own a candy store.  We also found the lollipop candy mold, so we could make actually them if we got ambitious.

2 thoughts on “Cake Pops

  1. So, it's not that odd that her parents would have sucker sticks for their candy store, but it is a little odd that they probably owned that store 50 years ago! Grandpa has been gone for like, 17 years! Why would mom hold on to those?! That's crazy.

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