The sleep schedules are always changing

I don’t know what to do about Kalena’s naps.  She naps every day from 2 to 4 (ish).  This is fabulous and I love it.  BUT.  Recently she’s been having a harder time going to sleep at night.  She still goes to bed willingly at 7, but then we hear her in there talking/playing in bed until like 8 or 8:30.  She does have the occasional day when she doesn’t nap, always because we’re busy, not because I try to get her to nap and she won’t.  On no-nap days she’s fine and she goes to sleep quickly after she goes to bed, but if she goes more than a day without a nap she gets mighty cranky in the evening.

I know I could just move her bedtime back to 8:30 or so, but frankly some days the only thing that gets me through the afternoon is knowing that the kids will go to bed at 7.  And I’d rather put up with listening to her in her room than, you know, actually have her be up for another hour and a half.  Anyway.  When did your kids give up napping for good?

4 thoughts on “The sleep schedules are always changing

  1. Oh, YOU know when napping stopped for Patrick. In my opinion it's high time to give up that nap, missy, 'cause you've been milking it for a year and a half while aunt Kirsta's been dealing with crazy cousin Patrick and his no-nap mania!Okay, I'm not really that harsh, and we talked – I agree, a good bedtime is more important. The day can END, and END QUICKLY.

  2. Meh, Claire does the exact same thing. Sometimes she's in there talking and reading for TWO HOURS but I do not care because she is in bed. The thing is, if I let her stay up later she would just be a horrible child in that time because the fact is that she IS tired, it just seems to take her awhile to wind down. It's almost like she needs/enjoys that time by herself in her room.

  3. Espen stays up talking to himself too. I think it's a nice time for them to calm down, develop imagination, and review their day. I can't quite record him with the camera, but he says some pretty cute stuff.

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