Sneaky violence

Kalena has been coming to me often over the last few days to inform me that Will has hit or pushed her.  But I am never witness to this.  I don’t think she’s lying to me, but I also don’t think she knows when he’s doing it on purpose and when it’s an accident.  I feel like I ought to be disciplining him (in our house hitting is a no-warning straight to time-out offense) but I don’t want to discipline him for something he’s not doing on purpose.  I’m sort of at a loss for what to do besides watch them more.  But I know I better get something figured out because I’m pretty sure having to resolve problems I didn’t witness is only going to happen more often as time goes on.  Any great ideas?

3 thoughts on “Sneaky violence

  1. Patrick does exactly the same thing. I think this is the perfect time to introduce "conflict resolution" and say "solve it yourself! tell him to quit hitting you!" I think in real life its important to deal with people first-hand, not to automatically run and tell your mom. Never too early to start 'em in on the hard knocks of real life, eh?

  2. At school we teach the kids say stop and put their hand up. This way, if they come tattling, we can ask, did you tell them stop? It's the first step for standing up for yourself. If you did say 'stop' and they keep doing it, then walk away. You just tell the teacher if they keep doing it/ follow you around/ it's something serious that hurts someone. Plus, you have to tell Missy that since he didn't chop her finger off she really can't complain. 😉

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