Party time!

Kalena and Will’s birthday party was today.  For those of you who don’t know (or don’t remember, I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before) we decided that for the foreseeable future we’d celebrate Will’s half birthday to avoid his birthday being overshadowed by Christmas.  And since his half birthday is in June and he and Kalena are still too young to care about stuff like joint parties, we decided we’d just do one.

ANYWAY, it was today.  And I am the laziest mom on earth, so there were no decorations or friends invited.  Just us, my parents, Brian’s mom, and Eric, Amy and Espen.  Now, for pictures.

My mom and Will.  Will decided to hoard the talking dinosaurs, gifts to each of them from Brian’s mom.

Will in the cozy coup, his gift from my parents.

Kalena and her new big wheel.  We should get paid for advertising for Lowes here.  That’s what I get for not wanting to spent sixty bucks on a kid’s plastic tricycle.  

Me with Kalena.  Apparently I feel the need to give you even the most obvious of captions.  

Kalena squirting her new squirt gun into Brian’s mouth.  

Kalena taking her turn in the cozy coup.  She’s driving so fast her hands are a blur!

And there you have it.  Kalena’s going to be disappointed when she doesn’t get cake every day now.

5 thoughts on “Party time!

  1. Happy Birthdays! Your kids are adorable. And Kalena is such a pretty girl! She looks so grown up in the picture with you. (and you look fabulous as always.)

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