You can’t win ’em all

The good news is, we did make it to the park today.  We managed to hit the sweet spot, in between the cold this morning and the rain this afternoon.  However, I am an idiot, so I decided to wear my flip flops.  Maybe you’re wondering what’s wrong with flip flops at the park and the answer is nothing.  But when you haven’t been wearing them all winter and you’re planning to walk to the park it’s a good idea to wear, you know, shoes made for walking.  And it started to rain on us on the way home so I was moving as fast as I could while pushing a double stroller and not actually running.  SO. Walking to and from the park in shoes I haven’t worn all winter means I have lovely blisters on both feet.  

I am endlessly fascinated by how different my kids are.  The park was crowded today (a group of elementary school kids were there) but Kalena ran right in and joined the playing.  Will, though, did not.  He would toddle over to the edge of the playground and stand.  He’d watch for a minute, and then run back to me and sit on my lap.  He did this for probably half an hour before he finally got brave enough to go up the stairs to the slide.  And then when he got up there he got overwhelmed by how many kids there were and burst into tears.  I had to go up and get him before he got trampled.  Kalena is fearless and Will is reserved.

I love seeing those personalities emerge.

2 thoughts on “You can’t win ’em all

  1. For some reason I always think flip flops are a good idea too, and 9 times out of 10, they're not. Like to Disneyland, no good. Amelia is the same as Will. Whatever you do, don't teach him to say, "up please." Lol

  2. For as loud and outgoing and toy-snatching-brother-wrestling as Eli is, he totally does what Will did – stand back and just WATCH. Forever. We've gone to the park where he did nothing BUT watch – no slides, no swings, no nothing. Just taking it all in. And Patrick's just like Kalena. Perhaps it has to do with birth order? But then Amelia messes that theory up…

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