It was weird, definitely

So, woke up to something odd this morning.  Our car was, well, not broken into because apparently we left it unlocked, but ransacked I guess?  I noticed something was off when our owners manual was on the floor instead of in the glove box.  I looked around and noticed that papers in the console were messed up and a previously folded blanket in the back was not so nicely folded anymore.  I figured maybe Brian had been in there looking for something, but I called him and no.  And since I didn’t do it that means somebody else did.

Our guess is drunk college kids were trying car doors and looking for cash because 1) we live less than a block from the dorms.  2)  No locked cars got broken into– not our neighbors or our other car parked on the street. 3)  In the end they took nothing.  That’s right, they looked through everything and left it all there.  Weird right?  I mean, we did have a portable DVD player in there (granted it was pretty well covered with winter clothes still left in there) as well as new (still in the bag) toys in the back.  I guess from now on we will be more paranoid about making sure the car is locked, especially since whoever did this was ballsy enough to dig through a car IN A CARPORT.  Also, don’t worry I took the portable dvd player and the toys out.

So let this be a lesson to any of those would-be thieves out there.  I HAVE NOTHING WORTH STEALING.

5 thoughts on “It was weird, definitely

  1. I remember something similar happening to me, except that my car wasn't unlocked…I came downstairs in the morning to find every door unlocked (this was before we had BUTTONS that unlocked every door, do you even remember manual doors and windows?) Anyway, I kept literally (literally!) NOTHING in my car, so they obvious didn't get away with much, but it was definitely weird.

  2. Megan Starr's car got broken into in Denver and they took a few things, but nothing that even emounted to the cost of fixing the window! She was annoyed she hadn't just left the car unlocked. I feel the same, though, about my stuff – if you see three car seats in a row, you should KNOW there's nothing worth stealing! There's a much better chance of finding a rogue poopy diaper than there is of finding $20.

  3. How weird. Kinda reminds me of when people (that I don't know) would go into people's garages looking for beer. People are so ballsy! Good thing nothing got taken, but good call on taking your stuff out of the car.

  4. That happened to us about a year ago. A cop rang our door bell and banged on our door at 3 am to ask us if we left the dome light on in our car, which was parked in our driveway. The cop says it happens periodically, since there is an apartment building behind our house and kids living there like to steal things out of open vehicles. We had nothing in our car, either, but still disconcerting!

  5. A similiar sort of thing happened to me when I still had the Eclipse (that was falling apart). It was locked, but the driver's side window wasn't secure in the doorframe (which was a blast in the rain). I mostly thought it was funny. I was almost disappointed they didn't just steal the car. That would have been a relief.

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