We may be crazy

At the end of July, my mom and I are flying to California.  We’re taking both the kids.  I’m already worried about how we’re going to keep both kids entertained through the entire flight, especially since we’re in “open seating” so we aren’t guaranteed to have seats together.  We’re counting on at least two seats together (one of us and Kalena.)  Will is young enough that he’s a lap child and I’m hoping that’s not a disaster.

So.  Any great ideas on what I should be doing to prepare?  You know, like finding a doctor that will prescribe sedatives for the kids?  (Kidding.  Mostly.)

6 thoughts on “We may be crazy

  1. We take portable dvd players and headphones for the kids. And snacks, in bowls with lids. They also like their Tag books/pens (again with headphones). I made them an activity book that uses dry erase markers (or washable crayons) and am going to make them a crayon roll to hold them. We have friends that wrap a couple of "new" toys ($1 stuff from Target, etc) and give them one every 30 minutes or every hour or whatever. We've traveled a TON with the kiddos. Feel free to email me if you want!

  2. We fly all the time with our kids. The key is a variety of activities (coloring books, princess dolls, etc) and then I wrap up candy in little presents. Like four skittles in one "little present". The kids love unwrapping them and they get a new "present" every 15 minutes or so. Then once in a while I will switch up the gifts and give them a little car or something. Variety is the key!

  3. I dont have kids, so I am no pro there but I do fly a ton. I am assuming by saying there is open seating you are talking about Southwest. They do family boarding between A and B which usually means you can all get seats together. If you are still worried, make sure to check in on the dot of 24 hours before so that you can get and A boarding pass. Or if you really want, spend the extra money for early bird check in. If its not Southwest, then disregard my comment. I am sure your kids will do great. Have fun!

  4. I've flown with the oldest two when they were your kids ages and it went surprisingly well. In fact, we ended getting an entire row to ourselves and Lib could get up and down and all around. I hope that happens for you too.

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