Well.  For a minute there I was pregnant.  But now I’m not.

It’s disheartening mostly.  It’s also making me considerably more cynical about positive pregnancy tests.  I would love to be one of those women who get a positive test and believe with certainty that they’ll get a baby out of the whole deal.  Instead I see a positive and think, well I’m pregnant.  Again.  For now.

The whole thing was unexpected since we were preventing, but definitely not unwelcome.  I had just enough time to start getting excited about the idea of a third child before the beginning of the end.  When the spotting started I knew it was over.  Despite my intuition and a first doctor visit on Wednesday, miscarriage wasn’t confirmed until this afternoon.  But it was confirmed.

My medical history now officially includes: Pregnancies: 4, Live Births: 2.  *sigh*

11 thoughts on “Over.

  1. Sorry Elsha. I hate filling out the medical information and seeing the number of pregnancies higher than the number of live births. It brings back memories every time. Sending empathy.

  2. Elsha, I am sorry. We have lost 2 as well and it sucks. I feel very cynical about the early part of pregnancy also, which is sad. Prayers for your physical and emotional healing.

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