5 Years

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary.  It seems crazy that it’s been that long!  We celebrated tonight with dinner out and seeing Clint Black at Country Jam.  (We weren’t actually planning to go, but then someone at work gave Brian free tickets.)  Anyway, since it’s been 5 years, how about 5 things you maybe don’t know about us.

1) That whole “get married in the back yard right now instead of planning something” business?  All my idea.  Brian was actually a little hesitant to do it because he thought down the road I might regret not having a big wedding.  (I don’t regret it even a little.)

2) We have such similar decorating taste that we could walk into a furniture store separately and both pick out the same piece.  It’s made furniture shopping very easy.

3) Brian is way faster at washing dishes than I am.  (He grew up having to do it every night so he has lots of practice.)  But I still do them most of the time.

4) On Sunday mornings Brian gets up with the kids, makes them pancakes for breakfast, cleans up the kitchen and then watches cartoons with them while I sleep in.  (And by “sleep in” I mean lay in bed until 7:15 and then shower without being interrupted.)

5) During Kalena’s first year I worked and Brian stayed at home.  This has made us both VERY sure that we like our current arrangement best.  Plus it means he’s extra understanding when he comes home and the house is a disaster and there’s nothing for dinner and the kids are both crying and I say something super informative like, “Ugh.”

Anything else you’re dying to know?

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