Kick me while I’m down

I’ve been getting the pre-bill info papers from the hospital about the blood draws that confirmed the miscarriage.  They might as well just send me a letter that says, “Hey, remember how you’re not having a baby this time?  Right.  Now you owe us $250.  THANKS.”  Shouldn’t there be some sort of policy where if a pregnancy results in no baby you don’t have to pay anything?

I guess really doctor bills are never great.  Like the ER bill for Will’s finger chopping incident.  “Hey, remember when we said we couldn’t do anything at all for your son’s finger?  Right.  Now you owe us $1000.  THANKS.”  Awesome.

5 thoughts on “Kick me while I’m down

  1. Miscarriage? Whoa…what did I miss? Sorry to hear that. We took Tate to the ER when his front bottom teeth got knocked forward. Of course we paid our $250 and then they said, "we don't work with teeth. Take him to the dentist Monday morning." Great, expensive advice.

  2. Yuck. I went to a specialist for some jaw issues once upon a time. He fell into this awkward space that wasn't covered by my medical or my dental insurance. That definitely felt like the same thing. "Eat soft foods. Okay, now pay $350." Oh thank you super educated doctor for your earth shattering advice!

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