Bits and Pieces

This afternoon at nap time I tucked Will in with his two favorite things: his bear and a plastic spatula.

Kalena calls pizza “pizza-pizza.”  I think she does this because when we have pizza we always ask her if she wants a “piece of pizza” which sounds a lot like “pizza-pizza.”

I finally rotated the kids toys after like 2 months, and Kalena brought me pretty much every toy and said, “look, you found my [fill in the blank].”  Like these toys had all been missing instead of put away in a closet.

Will has suddenly developed a serious attachment to my dad.  He’s always been very fond of my mom, but now if my dad is around that’s who Will wants to be with.  And that makes me third choice.

It has been SO HOT around here that I almost miss air conditioning.  Almost.  Mostly I wish we had more swamp cooler vents.  Also ceiling fans.

Only 2 days left of swim lessons.  I am torn between feeling glad that I won’t have to get both kids ready and then sit in the heat for an hour and sad that the kids won’t have that pool time to wear them out before nap time.

Is it Friday yet?  I’m ready for a weekend.

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. We still have toys from when Boo was a baby floating around. She throws a fit when we try to get rid of them and I've found I'm not sneaky enough to do it while she is sleeping. "pizza pizza"!! Hilarious.

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