Last lesson

Kalena had her last swim lesson yesterday, which in GJ means diving board time!  (All the kids get to go off the diving board at least once during a session.)  She didn’t actually jump which was a big surprise to me.  I thought for sure she’d be throwing herself off at the first opportunity.  For the kids that don’t want to jump, the lifeguard lowers them off the board and then drops them into the water.  Here she is, ready to go!

I’m throwing these next couple pictures in here for a little side story.  When I was in Midland I was surprised that there was no huge public pool that everyone went to.  It surprised me because this is the public pool I grew up going to.  Here’s the kids pool (it’s like 2 feet at the shallow end and 3 or 4 at the deep end):

And here’s the big pool (5 feet deep to the lap lanes, then 12 feet under the diving boards):

The diving boards are at the far end, it’s kind of hard to see in this picture.  Also there’s a splash pad to the west of the kids pool and a waterslide (like 3 stories high enclosed tube slide) to the west of the big pool.  And this is the public pool.  Unless you belong to the country club you swim here.  ALSO, every Wednesday kids under 18 are free.  Wednesdays are creatively known as “free day.”  Apparently the guy who donated the money to build the pool wanted a safe place for kids to swim to help prevent drownings in the canals and rivers.  (Those drownings still happen every summer by the way, but hopefully not as many.)

Back to the swim lessons!  Here’s Kalena with her class playing some swim game.

And I can’t resist Buster in his little superman swim suit.  (A birthday gift from Kari & Jonathan.)

And there you have it.  No more swim lessons this summer.  Although, I am a big fan of the 8 lesson 2 week session set up.  It’s pretty easy to find a two week period over the summer without other big things going on.  
So, what’s up with you?

4 thoughts on “Last lesson

  1. Jason would be proud of the Superman swimsuit! Actually…I take that back. Jason doesn't really like Superman specifically. But he likes comic books so, you know, there's that.

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