Questions for you

Some things I’ve been pondering and want opinions on.  Particularly from those of you with older kids.

1) What is a good age to give up sippy cups altogether?
2) When do you quit letting your kids ride in a stroller (or cart at a store) and make them walk?
3) When (and oh my gosh HOW) do you nighttime potty train?
4) Is introducing a third child to the mix easier or harder than introducing a second?  CURIOSITY.
5) When do your kids start having their own chores?

I’m ready for your thoughts, lovely readers.

4 thoughts on “Questions for you

  1. Well, I am no expert…but I have my opinions that work for me. Kids differ so see what works. 1)Eli only gets sippy cups when we leave the house. Or his toy story water bottle with the pull-top lid thing. 2)This depends on their behavior & if we have a time crunch or not. 3)Eli has just started wearing underwear to bed. I make him go potty before bed, & one little drink of water after brushing teeth. He still sometimes has accidents, but it's getting better. Get a plastic mattress pad. 4)Good question. And, will baby #3 help baby #2 be more independent…like talk? 5)Eli does a few jobs here and there. Helps unload the dishwasher, picks up toys. He seems to like having a "job" most days. There you have it – you asked for it! 🙂

  2. Claire isn't all that old but here is where we're at:She has a sippy cup in her bed at night, but that's only because they have a valve and won't leak. During the day she can do a regular cup but I much prefer to give her a straw/lid if we are out or one of those take n toss disposable cups with a lid and spout (we put them in the dishwasher and they seem to last forever), for obvious reasons of clumsy spillage.In some stores, Claire walks with me now. (She will be 3 in October). If they don't have a cart big enough for the baby's carseat plus a place for her to sit too, I will usually take the stroller and tell Claire to keep one hand on it. So far, this works. She also likes to push the stroller, which is fine by me. These instances are pretty rare though.Claire just started waking up dry in her Pull-Up so one day I asked her if she wanted to skip it and be a really, really big girl? And not use Pull-Ups AT ALL? And she said yes. She's had a handful of accidents in the middle of the night, but she does really good. Am shocked/surprised/proud.Claire needs some chores. Thanks for reminding me. After all, this is the reason I had kids, right?

  3. My two are 3 now, well Charlotte is 3.5. We still use sippy cups when we don't want to deal with spills. At meal times they are pretty much using regular cups, but all other times they have sippy cups (straw style). They still ride in the cart (not the whole time and only for longer shopping trips) but we gave up the stroller about a year ago. Charlotte is potty trained, Cooper is not. Both wake up mostly dry. I figure Charlotte will tell us when she wants to wear regular panties instead of 'nighttime panties' (aka pullups). No rush here!No plans for a 3rd, can't help you. Our two have chores, but we help: do dishes after dinner, feed the dog in the morning and after dinner, water the plants on the weekend. They get coins for their piggy banks and love helping.

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