Well visits for the little ones

Since Kalena turned 3 in May and Will turned 18 months in June, I opted to schedule their well visits back to back.  And then I made my mom promise to come with me so that I wouldn’t have to deal with both kids for a visit twice as long as normal.  Luckily for me, my kids are my mom’s favorite so she was happy to come.  Alright, she never said my kids are her favorite.  But I’m sure they’re in the top 10.

Anyway, here’s what we learned.  Kalena is still quite big for her age.  At 40 inches tall and 36 lbs 2 oz she is in the 93% for height and the 86% for weight.  Still no idea where she’s getting those tall genes from.  Will, on the other hand, is my little guy.  At 30 1/2 inches tall and 24 lbs 3/4 oz he is in the 5% for height and the 21% for weight.  I guess it’s a good thing he’s the younger sibling, because Kalena would still be the bigger one!  Also, Will still has a big head.  But it’s stayed the same size, so hopefully he’ll grow into it sooner or later.

They’re on track developmentally, which is good.  Of course, there are some stages of development I wish would go a little faster.  For instance, Will is going through a phase of not wanting to have his diaper changed.  If you ask if he needs changed he’ll yell, “Naaaooooo!” and run away.  (Well, his version of running.  Those short little legs don’t go very fast.)  And Kalena’s getting a little bossy these days, but I suppose that’s to be expected with an oldest child.  Right?

2 thoughts on “Well visits for the little ones

  1. I can't believe how big Kalena is, and yet she's still only the 86th%! Crazy. I think with the bossy thing, it might be a girl thing too. I seem to recall a few home videos of you being quite the bossy pants. But I do think girls are more bossy than boys.

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