Dentist time

The pediatrician has been asking if the kids have been to the dentist yet.  And then reminding me that the recommended age for a first visit is ONE.  So I figured I probably ought to at least set up an appointment before I took them in for their well checks last week.  Especially because I think 3 is PLENTY old enough to see a dentist.  And if I was going to take Kalena I might as well take Will too.

Anyway, it worked out that the dentist had appointments available for the same day as their well checks, so I figured, why not?  Who doesn’t want shots and teeth cleanings all in the same day?  Plus I already knew my mom was free to come with me.  Because as much as I didn’t want to wrangle both my kids through two well checks, I REALLY didn’t want to wrangle them both through two first dentist visits.

I’ve heard horror stories about first visits– crying, screaming, biting.  All kinds of good stuff.  So I was braced for the worst.  Instead, it was all pretty anticlimactic.  The kids did great.  The hygienist even commented on how well Kalena was doing for her age and opted to use the actual cleaning brush instead of just a regular toothbrush.  Kalena was THRILLED to have her teeth cleaned.  I’m totally serious, she loves to brush her teeth and she was super excited about the whole dentist thing.  Will was a little wiggly, but still pretty cooperative.  The dentist declared everything was good.  No cavities and we all went home happy.  Although, probably none of us were as happy as Kalena who got a New! Toothbrush!  YAY!  (Guess I know what she wants in her stocking for Christmas this year.)

And now I just have to find out how often our insurance will pay for cleanings so I know whether to set up their next appointments for 6 months from now or a year from now.  Exciting!

3 thoughts on “Dentist time

  1. Good for you having a dentist lover (uhh, that came out wrong…that's what she said…okay, okay, I'm done) on your hands! I have always loved the dentist and was thrilled when my own mom brought me a new Barbie toothbrush when she came to visit a couple days ago.

  2. Rex just went to his first appointment today (and he's five)! Did good, but had two cavities! Yikes. He probably won't like getting two fillings next week…

  3. Good luck to Rex, Katie! It's not fun for kids to have their cavities fixed, but it's best to hope that he'd still have a good time despite that. These days, dentists are more kid-friendly so the results could be good.

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