The dentist was good for more than just teeth cleaning

While I was checking in at the dentist, (which took like a year because they couldn’t figure out how to get my insurance information entered) I noticed a flyer for the PBS Fun Fest.  And it was going on the next day!  And, AND!  The Cat in the Hat was going to be there!  (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here, but Kalena LOVES the Cat in the Hat.)

So the next morning my mom and I hauled the kids over to the park to check it out.  (My mom teaches so she’s on summer vacation.  That’s why she’s free to help me schlep my kids around to all this stuff.)  Anyway, we did some fun stuff.

Played some drums at the symphony booth.  (See her Cat in the Hat shirt?  She couldn’t wait to meet him.)

She bounced in the bump-n-jump

Met Clifford (who she doesn’t know but apparently thought looked friendly enough.)

And we met the Cat in the Hat.  Kalena?  Was TERRIFIED.  This was as close as she would get.  After we saw him Kalena insisted that we need to go home.  And that the Cat needed to stay there.  Like we might decide to take him home with us.  Then all the way home she told us, “Dat cat a wittle scawy.”  I asked her about it later and apparently he was bigger than she thought.  She thought he would be her size.

Anyway, it was still pretty fun.  Plus there were lots of freebies– books (given out by our pediatrician’s office, who also gives out books at well visits as part of a program to encourage kids to read) more new toothbrushes (WOOHOO!) from the dentist, suckers, coloring sheets, and free kids meal coupons for a few different places.
Will spent the whole time being carried around by my mom.  But at the station where they were giving out bubbles my mom asked for one for him so there wouldn’t be a fight.  And it’s a good thing she did, because he latched on to those bubbles and wouldn’t give them up until nap time.

Love those bubbles.

2 thoughts on “The dentist was good for more than just teeth cleaning

  1. If possible, your kids could have their own costumes too, to let them enjoy the event more. As for your dentist hunting, now that you have already two kiddos, you must get a dentist for your kids. That way, you can check if they have cavities or other teeth problems. =]

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