Estes Park

So, I’ve been on vacation.  (I know!  I was actually on top of things enough to schedule posts to publish while I was gone!)  We had our annual Gustavson family reunion in Estes Park this year.  Despite having lived in Colorado most of my life, I’ve only been in Estes once before and we didn’t actually do anything in town.  This time we did some fun stuff.  Like Trout Haven!

This was probably the highlight for Kalena.  She was super excited to go fishing, more excited to catch fish, and was thrilled to actually get to eat them.  And maybe the best part was that the dads took the kids fishing while the ladies went to downtown Estes to shop.

Here she is, ready to fish!

Checking out her first catch.

Not so thrilled to take pictures with the fish.

Then she asked to eat fish every meal until my dad finally cooked some for her.  The girl knows what she wants.

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