This doctor is going to start thinking we abuse these kids

At lunch today Brian came home and was dancing with Kalena.  Afterward she started to complain that her hand hurt.  But as far as we could tell nothing had happened that would actually make her hand hurt, so we figured she was being dramatic.  She kept crying about it, but it was almost nap time, so I chalked it up to her being tired and therefore prone to meltdowns.  I put her down for her nap and figured if she was still saying it hurt when she got up I’d call the doctor.

Well.  After about 45 minutes of sleep she woke up crying and telling me her hand hurt.  I called the pediatrician and the receptionist set us up with another doctor since our regular doctor wasn’t in today.  I was a little torn about taking her in.  On the one hand, nothing looked wrong.  No bruising, no swelling, no deformation of her wrist, and nothing had happened that we thought would cause an injury.  On the other hand, she was totally favoring her right side (the non hurt side) even though she tends to be a lefty, and crying anytime I bumped her left hand (and she’s usually got a pretty high tolerance for pain.)  So in we went.

And who did we see?  Oh yes, the same doctor we saw when Will got his finger chopped off.  It turned out Kalena had a dislocated elbow.  She was better immediately after the doctor put it back in place.  Brian and I still aren’t sure how it happened, since he wasn’t pulling her up by her arms or swinging her, or any of the things listed as probable causes.  However it happened, it happened and I’m glad I took her in.  Let’s hope for no more injuries this year, shall we?

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