I’m not ready!

Well, tomorrow is the day.  My mom and I board a plane for LAX with both kids in tow.  Brian thinks he’ll be lonely without us here (and he probably will be, a little) but all I can think is how relaxing it would be to spend a whole week without the kids.  Anyway, here’s a little pre-flight list of thoughts:

Things in our favor:
The flight is non-stop.  No layovers, no changing planes.  Thank heaven.
One adult per child.  You parents who fly by yourself with more than one child?  I applaud you.  I would be having a nervous breakdown right now if I were going without my mom.
Backpacks ready with snacks and new dollar store toys and entertainment.  Enough to keep these kids busy for the whole flight?  Let’s hope so.
Kids who (as yet) have shown no tendency toward motion sickness.

Things not in our favor:
Open seating.  We’re flying Allegiant and you have to pay extra (per person each way) if you want to pick seats.  Or if you want priority boarding.  We opted not to pay for that and now we’re just crossing our fingers that we can all sit together.
No checked bags.  Again, you have to pay for checked bags.  While normally I think doing only carry-on is a pro, we’ll have 2 carry-on bags, 3 “personal items” (Kalena has her own backpack), a car seat to gate check, and two kids to wrangle.  I’m not sure we’ll have enough hands.  (Thankfully my mom’s family has a booster seat for Kalena so we didn’t have to bring that too.)

And lastly, one big UNKNOWN:
The flight is during the kids normal afternoon nap.  This could mean both kids fall asleep and sleep the whole way (please, Please, PLEASE!)  Or it could mean non-stop meltdowns in the middle of a plane full of people who spend the entire flight hating me.  Could also turn out to be completely irrelevant.  I’ll be sure to update you.  I know you’re excited.

Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “I’m not ready!

  1. Good luck! You'll do fine! And even if the kids cry, it's not THAT big of a deal! We've all been there. (And plus, it's a plane full of strangers…..so who cares?!) 😉

  2. I'd trade you any day. All Kalena needs is a movie and and iPhone to play with and all Buster needs is a comfy lap to snuggle on and food! I'm ALREADY freaking out about our flight with Amelia NEXT YEAR!

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