Because once a year is often enough for haircuts, right?

So, I have a cousin who knows how to cut hair (remember when she chopped my hair off for me in Hawaii?) and I’m lazy, so family reunions are pretty much when I get my hair cut.  And I did get my hair cut in Estes Park, but I have no before and after pictures.  I DO however, have pictures of Kalena getting her hair cut.

This?  Is her Very First Haircut.  And I refused to give her bangs because that’s too much maintenance for me.

Before:  Getting long.  Also?  Getting to the point that every time I had to brush or do anything to it she would complain, “Mommy, you hurting my hair!”  And that gets old in a hurry.

Action shot.

Loving the finished product.  Mostly it looks the same, just with nice even ends instead of the scraggly ones that existed before.

Big thanks to my cousin Jule, who puts up with my and my never-cutting-my-hair ways!

One thought on “Because once a year is often enough for haircuts, right?

  1. Very fitting that I'm reading this today. I just got my haircut Saturday. It was kind of embarassing because my last cut was in December. Fortunately my stylist is awesome so she only gave me a little crap about it. Her prices were higher though. It made me wonder if she was charging me more because I wasn't coming in as much. I'm sure her prices just went up in the last year…but I had to wonder.

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