It all started innocently enough

I had some plans to take the kids to the park with a friend today.  But then it rained, so I figured we’d take them to McDonalds or something and let them play at the play area.  And then she cancelled because her husband took the car, but at that point I had it in my head that we were going somewhere.  I knew if we didn’t that it would make my afternoon be like a hundred million hours long.  (Did you know it is possible for the 3 hours between 11 am and 2 pm to last for one hundred million hours?  I assure you, it is.)

Anyway, I knew my kids would enjoy it, friends or no, so we packed up and went.  I was surprised to see how busy the play area was when we got there, considering a) it wasn’t even noon yet, and b) it’s a school day.  As I looked around it was apparent that it was all kids kindergarten age and under, which made sense, since they wouldn’t need to be in school.  I actually thought that was nice, because older kids can sometimes be careless around the little ones and this way Will wouldn’t be getting trampled.  So the kids ate and then got down to play.  Kalena was enjoying the craziness and Will seemed surprisingly unfazed by how many kids were there.  In fact he was brave enough that he started following Kalena up the tunnels, something he’s never done before.  I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING NOW.

Oh yes, he got stuck at the VERY top, too scared to go anywhere.  I sent Kalena up after him a couple times, but you know, she’s 3.  She didn’t find him, or if she did he wouldn’t follow her.  And it’s not like she’s big enough to physically move him.  In fact, I looked around to see if there was an older kid I could send up there after him to bring him down.  But ha ha! NOPE.  The very thing I was glad for when we first got there now back to bite me.

In the end I had to go up there myself and get him.  And I made some observations while I was doing this.  1) It is HOT in those tunnels.  No wonder the kids are always running back to their table for something to drink.  2) The tunnels are really not made for people my size.  I’m not tall, but I hit my knees, and elbows, and head.  Not so much fun.  3) The slide they have at our McDonalds?  Does SO MANY TURNS.  I thought I was going to throw up by the end.  That said, I am SO glad they have a slide to the very top so that I didn’t actually have to carry Will all the way back down.  That would have just been extra awful.

Apparently there is a reason for the minimum age of 3 on these things.

5 thoughts on “It all started innocently enough

  1. And did you notice how sticky it is in there? I always feel like I need a shower after I've touched that germ infested play thing. Sadly, I've been in there more than once…more than twice. Eww. But, the kids love 'em!

  2. Oh my gosh, Chris once had to do that. I was super pregnant and she got up there and wouldn't come down and was saying she was scared and he had to climb up! He was all, "I would like to never have to do that again." HA!

  3. We did stop in grand junction and I did think of you but we just got their that night, stayed with our friend, and hurried out the next day. I've felt a little guilty and sad the whole time that I didn't get a hold of you. The sad thing is my mom rushed us out of there and then we ended up having to sit and wait in Denver to see my brother.

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