Nap schedule revised

Man, sometimes I just gloss right over the big stuff don’t I?  I totally forgot to mentioned that Will is down to one nap a day.  It all started two weeks ago Thursday when my friend invited us to story time at the library.  I’ve always thought my kids would enjoy story time but it happens at 10 am which was right in the middle of Will’s nap.  But he’s been napping for less time in the mornings and taking longer to fall asleep so I figured, “Why not?  We’ll skip the nap today and see how it goes.”

And it went fine.  So we did it again the next day.  And the next.  And he hasn’t taken a morning nap since.  It has screwed with my afternoon schedule a little since I moved up afternoon nap to accommodate for the getting tired earlier.  Now they nap at 1 instead of 2, which means they’re up at 3 instead of 4, and that extra hour between nap and Brian getting home seems VERY LONG.  But all in all it’s been good.  So now I can go places in the morning!  Not that I do mind you.  But I could.

I want you to know that I take no credit whatsoever for Will taking two naps a day until almost 21 months old.  Some kids need more sleep than others.

So.  We’re officially at one nap a day.

One thought on “Nap schedule revised

  1. One-nap schedules are my favorite, your schedule is so much more free! Actually, gazillion-nap days when they're newborns are even BETTER, but it's so short-lived and you're so tired it's hardly worth mentioning.

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