I went to Denver last week.  It was sort of a spur of the moment trip.  I mean, I’d intended to go in September and I’d actually been planning to go this week, but then it turned out that my friend (who was the big reason I was going) was actually in town LAST week and not this week.  Good thing I found that out right?

Anyway, the kids and I drove up on Wednesday and arrived at my sister’s empty house.  Empty because her daughter had taken a tumble down the stairs just about 30 minutes before we got there and she bit a giant gash in her tongue and that necessitated a trip to the emergency room.  WHOOPS.  Also, I’m a little concerned that my visits to her house may be jinxed since Patrick did something similar to his tongue when my mom and I were visiting back when Eli was a baby.  Or maybe her kids just have razor sharp teeth.

SO.  Thursday I got to see my good friend (and college roommate) Laura!  She lives in California now, but usually does recruiting at Mines during the career fair, and since Denver is WAY closer than California I try to come visit her when she’s there.  I tried to talk Kari into coming down to visit too, since she actually lived with us my senior year of college so she’s friends with Laura too.  But she decided Kirsta’s house would be too packed for her to stay there (it would have been 4 adults and 6 kids in a 3 bedroom house) so she opted out.  But Laura thought it would be fun to see her too, so in the end we met up with her in Colorado Springs on Friday (halfway between where Kari lives and where Kirsta lives) and had lunch together and caught up.  And I’m pretty sure this story is boring you all to tears at this point.  I’m just writing it all to say– I wish we all lived closer together and see each other more often because once a year is just not enough.

Now if you’ve stuck it out this long, I’ll give you some highlights of the trip.

Patrick and Kalena play together SO WELL.  They may be some mutant strain of three year old because they are well behaved, even when together.

Kalena went to Joy School (Kirsta was hosting) with Patrick and another little boy and cried real actual tears when Kirsta told her she couldn’t come next time.  Because it’ll be on Tuesday and we’re already home, not because Kirsta wanted to kick her out or anything.  Maybe time to think about some form of preschool hmm?

It was the general consensus that Will is possibly the cutest kid on the face of the earth.

Kirsta and Joe recently got a bunny and Will?  Is terrified of it.  Kalena wanted it out all the time, you know, to chase and generally harass, but we had to limit that since Will just freaked out when the rabbit was around.  I guess no pets around here for awhile.

That’s about it.  And I don’t even have any pictures to reward you for all your reading because I DIDN’T TAKE ANY.  No pictures of the kids with their cousins.  I probably need my mom license revoked.

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