Thoughts on a third

I’ve always known I wanted a big family.  As the middle of five kids I loved the atmosphere I grew up in.  I was painfully shy as a child and having sisters so close to my own age meant built in playmates which was great for me.  And now that my siblings are also having kids I love that my kids get to have so many cousins.  I was lucky enough to marry someone who also grew up in a big family and wants that as well.  (Brian has 6 siblings, for those of you who don’t know.)

When Kalena was a baby, every new stage she went through made me think, “Who would only want to do this once?”  And then Will came along and I got to watch her ignore him, then adjust to him, then play with him, and now be friends with him.  They really are friends.  She loves for him to play with her, and he follows her around constantly.  She is always concerned for his needs and often ends her sentences with “And Buster too!”  If she wants a snack she makes she he gets some.  If she gets to go somewhere she makes sure we know that he wants to go too.  If he gets stuck, or hurt, or needs help she alerts me right away.  Watching them together makes me incredibly happy, and confirms to me over and over that this is what I want.  And that’s why I’m thrilled that we’ll be adding a third in March.

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