Well guys, today is my birthday.  I’m now 29.  I feel like 29 snuck up on me.  Last time I checked I was turning like 27, right?  Really, everything since about 25 has been a blur of pregnancies and babies.  It doesn’t seem like I should be aging if every birthday is marked by being pregnant or having a baby.

At 25 I was pregnant.  At 26 I had a baby younger than a year.  At 27 I was pregnant.  At 28 I had a baby younger than a year.  And now at 29 I’m pregnant.  So if I’m at the same place I was when I was 25, how did I get 4 years older in the meantime?!  Obviously I see the time passing with my kids, but it doesn’t seem like it should apply to me.

Anyway.  We did all the celebrating already.  On Saturday Brian took the kids and I sat at the house all day watching Netflix and then he picked me up and we went out for a sushi dinner.  (Who knew that someday for my birthday all I would really want is a whole day to myself to watch TV?)  Then on Sunday we had a steak dinner and cake at my parents house.  Brian did bring us breakfast this morning, because he’s a sweetheart, but other than that it’s just a normal day.

So.  Here’s hoping that 29 is a good year.

6 thoughts on “29

  1. Happy birthday! I'm glad you titled this post "29" because I'm getting to the point where I sometimes forget how old I am. (I think I generally get it down to plus or minus a year.) This serves as a reminder of where I will be next month. Boo.

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