I should have lied

Tonight, just after we put the kids to bed I ran over to Dairy Queen to pick up some dessert for Brian and I.  (What, you don’t sometimes have the good dessert without the kids?)  I brought it home and we laughed about the incompetence of the girl taking my order who thought I was asking for a waffle bowl filled with hot fudge rather than a waffle bowl SUNDAE with hot fudge.  (Also, she made me the wrong blizzard.  And then forgot to give me the sundae until I reminded her.)

Anyway, I was just walking into the living room to enjoy my ice cream and some netflix when Kalena walked out of her room.  (Presumably to go to the bathroom, although some nights I really just think she’s trying to see how many times she can come out and bother us before she gets in trouble.)  And before I could say anything she asked, “Why do you get some ice cream?” in this sad little voice.  This is where I should have lied.  I should have convinced her it wasn’t ice cream.  Probably anything was better than what I said, which was, “Sometimes only mommy and daddy get to have ice cream.”  You guys, she just looked betrayed.  Also heartbroken.  I reassured her that she would get ice cream too, some other time.  Possibly tomorrow.  You know, because of the guilt.

In the future I think I’ll wait until they’re ACTUALLY sleeping before getting dessert.  Don’t worry though, I still enjoyed every bite.  Apparently I didn’t feel that guilty about the whole thing.

5 thoughts on “I should have lied

  1. This is funny! I don't think it hurt her feelings to much. By morning she probably will have forgotten! It is OK for kids to know that they don't always get what mommy and daddy gets!

  2. Actually, I'm guessing it's all she thought about while falling asleep, then it's all she dreamed about, and then when she woke up I bet the first thing she said was, "Now can I have some ice cream?". Way to go. šŸ˜‰

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